Enterprises and Command

Barfleet Enterprises, Inc.

Barfleet Enterprises is the business side of Barfleet. It is legally a 501(c)(7) not-for-profit social club. Barfleet Enterprises consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees consists of the Commodores and a representative (usually the Captain) of each Barfleet chapter. The Secretary and the Treasurer of Barfleet Enterprises are usually in attendance in Board Meetings but do not cast a vote on matters that come before the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is responsible for approving the overall budget and certain expenditures, approving contracts, determining new chapters and removing existing ones, and generally providing advice and guidance to the organization as a whole. The Board meets quarterly to discuss Barfleet business and decisions that impact the Fleet as a whole and its members. Typically, individual chapter business is not a topic discussed officially by the Board.

Barfleet Command

Legally speaking, Barfleet Command is the “Executive Committee” of Barfleet Enterprises, Inc.
Barfleet Command is the portion of the organization that handles Fleet-wide activities. It is closely related to the business side of Barfleet (Barfleet Enterprises, Inc.) but is not the same thing. Barfleet Command includes the Commodores, the Secretary, and the Treasurer; as well as the Governor of Relaxia, all of the honorary Admirals, and the Command-level department officers who handle activities that are Fleet-wide and/or not specifically chapter related. Such positions include the Fleet JAG Officer, the Fleet Chief Medical Officer, the Fleet Chief Communications Officer, the Tactical Imagery and Trademark Strategy Department, and other non-Chapter-specific officers. Technically, Barfleet Command also includes members of prospective chapters, but this model is likely to be expanded in the future into something like a “Barfleet Academy.”
Barfleet Command staff officers are expected to work for and assist the entire Fleet, not specific chapters. They are not above the chapters…far from it. They are separate from them in order to work for all of them.

Command officers are under the direct authority of the Commodores in matters that relate to their duties within Barfleet Command. They are under the authority of their local Chain of Command in matters that relate to that chapter and its activities. Conflicts between the two are rare, and are handled between the Captain and the Commodores when they do arise.