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tristars UBS Casual

Greetings, Sentients!

Welcome aboard the Uncontrolled Barship Casual, flagship of Barfleet!

The Casual began its life as a standard MK IX/A Heavy Cruiser, identical in design specifications to the legendary USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) after her complete refit.  The Casual was originally the USS Athena, her hull laid down under Naval Construction Contract #1834. She was commissioned on Stardate 18410.07. Her career as a Starfleet vessel was rather short and unimpressive, however, owing mainly to one of the least efficient crews in the Federation.  (For the full details of the Casual's conception, see The History of the Casual.) As a result of the many modifications performed by our dangerously creative and questionably stable Engineering staff, the San Francisco Naval Yards revoked our NCC on Stardate 18607.13. We got over it, though.

Unlike legitimate Starfleet vessels, we're subject to no rules or regulations but our own. We do have a Prime Directive: Be Casual and Enjoy Life.  Our officers and crew are highly trained in the latest entertainment techniques and Barfleet protocols, and are constantly seeking new forms of party life.

This page is a collection of data regarding the Barfleet flagship, and will provide guests with an understanding of our amazing vessel and its crew. Here you'll find shipboard regulations and Barfleet protocols, a history of the ship, technical data, some of our more dangerous drinks, and information about (and images from) past, present, and future Casual missions. There are also some nifty links which should keep guests rather busy for a while.  Stick around! You just might have some fun.

If you want to join our crew, or start your own Barfleet ship in your neck of the woods, join the Comlink and let us know.  If you want to give us a visit in person, consider heading to DeCONpression in Columbus, Ohio in January, where we - along with some of our other fine Barfleet ships - run the Consuites.

Enjoy your visit, and always remember to keep your towel handy!

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Barfleet's Mission at
Marcon 42 - May 2007

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